Fees to Please


For each event, I'll require your assistance to gather 'insider information' on your colleagues to make each and every performance personal to your company. A nice, relaxed, informal chat over coffee [and optional buns] usually does it.

Don't worry though, nobody will get physically hurt or mentally distressed at your event . . . unless by special request!



Gloria is happy to make an appearance, to bring a little pizazz to your event for the price of a very nice case of Champagne. A girl needs some bubbly in her cellar!

Fee: £400

. . . includes consultation, writing of script, rehearsing, performance on the day.



Connie will bring her own yellow duster, a carrier bag full of fun and a liberal helping of embarrassing moments for the small price of a week's worth of cider and a bag of pork scratchings.

Fee: £300

. . . includes consultation, rehearsal and performance on the day.



Poppy will bounce in to the delight of your little darlings and magically help them create poetry of their own for the price of a weekend in Warrenpoint.

Fee: £250 per day - up to four groups of 20

. . . includes consultation, all materials, activity pack takeways and performance on the day.


Murder Mystery with Gloria

Gloria will host a deadly dinner party, create a killer atmosphere and, oh yes, there's going to be a murder! 

Fee: £500

. . . includes two highly skilled, ridiculously talented, (over-made-up and over-the-top) actresses, all props, clues, table packs, answer sheets and pens and three hours of the most fun you can have with your clothes on.