Connie the Comedy Cleaner


Connie makes a surprise appearance at your event – perhaps a black tie dinner or your annual sales meeting.

She’s late. She should have had this room cleaned before your guests arrived. But fate conspired against her: the dog ate her bus pass, one of the grandkids got a bit of Lego stuck up his nose, her husband locked himself in the loo…

Never mind. She’s here now and she will do her job, don’t worry about that. No crumb will go unswept. And she’ll be discreet. You won’t even know she’s there … until she feels the need to spill some ‘departmental secrets’ or to show you her holiday pics – or to cosy up to a young chap who looks uncannily like Brad Pitt. Selfie time!

And it’s hungry work, cleaning, so she may need to pinch a chip or, with the stress of it all, absent-mindedly walk away with a full glass of wine. You never know what’s going to happen next with Connie.

Just know that her antics will have your colleagues crying with laughter into their soups and souffles.

Connie is a musical maestro on the washboard!